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The principles of calmness, connectivity and flexibility intersect in the design of the new Community Library. The central curved reception kiosk— with its feature bulkhead above and suspended pendant light—acts as a visual aid for way finding to staff and the library catalogue. The ceiling design of adjoining circles plays upon the theme of connectivity and is a clever acoustic treatment to create a calm environment for all library users.

The Children’s Library allows ample space for early childhood learning, story time and creative play, and both libraries are connected through an active walkway which provides not only a necessary link to the existing outdoor courtyards but also a flexible breakout space for library users.

The location of the new café in close proximity to the Community Library serves to blur the boundaries between work, leisure and social spaces—offering an unwind zone that is also a drawcard for visitors to the nearby Lilydale Lake.


Lilydale Community Lilbrary


Lilydale VIC


Box Hill Institute

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