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Blackburn High School’s state of the art STEM centre features a new pedagogical design that facilitates new learning and teaching opportunities for the campus. The modernised honeycomb design ensures that there’s neither wasted space nor wasted energy, emulating elements of nature and the surrounding landscape of Blackburn.

The design, currently in construction, brings advanced educational capabilities to Blackburn High School, a culmination of the consultation between Blackburn High School, VSBA and Tectura. Blackburn High School senior leadership, staff and students have provided great input into the design process. The STEM centre aligns with the core values of the school, fostering a positive culture that embraces team work, innovation and excellence.

Informed by the desire to make Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics core to the curriculum, the building has been designed from the inside out to best optimise each space for flexible study, allowing students the capacity to take control of their own learning whether working independently or with others.


Blackburn Highschool STEM Centre


Blackburn North VIC



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