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A former neglected trade school training shed at the Nelson Campus in Box Hill has been given a renewed life as a vibrant music teaching and commercial hire recording studios and performing space, delivering state of the art training facilities to facilitate educational outcomes and industry participation within the Institute’s reputable music industry network – most notably the former famed, Sing Sing recording studios in Cremorne, of whose state of the art analogue and digital recording equipment has been given a new home.

The building design reflects the rhythmical properties of the sound wave with an abstracted alternating pattern lining the walls of the music recording and practice spaces, the panels provide acoustic treatments to achieve a multitude of different sounding rooms.

The challenging technical requirements of siting the project within an existing building necessitated the acoustic spaces to be constructed on the principal of ‘box in box’ construction, featuring sound isolated slabs, walls and ceiling to create optimum conditions for recording within the spaces.

Space planning of the Music School incorporates the provision of small, medium and large recording studios, with a variety of smaller isolation rooms catering for different recording options. The facility also contains a performance space seating 130 people, an adjacent bar and student industry lounge and a variety of different sized practice facilities and office space for the music staff.


BHI Music and Sound 


Box Hill


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