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Responding to a need for extensive upgrades to accommodate a growing enrolment number, the design of Clyde Primary School builds upon and extends the school’s existing educational spirit and ability to serve the local community. Currently in construction, the three new buildings, including classrooms, specialist teaching spaces and a gymnasium, developed outdoor sporting facilities, and a refurbished and renovated library, see the site transformed into a flexible and collaborative environment, with strong links to the outdoors.

Tackling a disconnected site, classrooms were arranged into year level clusters and staff work spaces combined, enabling collaborative learning and teaching to occur in a full range of modes. A series of covered walkways and external paving features unify the site and enables hybrid indoor-outdoor learning. The extensive improvements to the school’s sports facilities allow for a developed curriculum which more strongly engages with physical educational learning experiences. Together, these upgrades will elevate Clyde Primary School to become an important community hub of learning and engagement.


Clyde Primary School






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