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An important upgrade to a key community centre, the refurbishment at Newcomb Secondary College strengthens the school’s commitment to STEM and collaborative learning. Predominately refurbishment works, the project breathes new life into the existing buildings. Borrowing from the existing colour palette, navy highlights complement light grey blockwork along the project’s skin.

Patterned Equitone sheets in a ‘digital’ pattern are a considered addition to the front of the building, referential of the school’s own focus on technological education. They also serve to soften the building’s presence. Tilt up doors and operable glazing break the existing building’s mass, forming a cohesive design language across the campus. These upgrades enable Newcomb Secondary to offer 21st century pedagogical facilities and an excellent quality of education.

The small bike repair program was expanded through the creation of proximate ideation, maker space and systems technologies at the building’s north-east. These were seen as an opportunity to holistically connect the STEM and vocational training programs, operable walls, sliding doors and internal glazing allowing students to design, prototype and test advanced motorised components within a cross-disciplinary educational loop.


Newcomb Secondary College


Newcomb VIC



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