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Blackburn High School Enters Documentation Phase

The new Blackburn High School’s STEM Centre is a new learning and enquiry building set to start construction in 2021. Set within beautifully landscaped grounds, the new STEM centre brings advanced pedagogical and educational capabilities to Blackburn High School. The project is a culmination of the continued cooperation between Tectura and the VSBA as well as consultation with Blackburn High School senior leadership, staff and students.

Informed by the desire to make Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics core to the curriculum, the building has been designed from the inside out to best optimise each space for flexible learning. Mirroring the STEM spirit of inquiry, student agency and embracing of technological developments, the building is spatially activating through cross communication between students and staff. Clad with tessellating hexagonal sheets in calming shades of green, the façade creates a scientific and environmentally conscious presence on site, strengthening the school’s visual connections to pedagogy.


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