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The proposal for this development, a joint venture between an institutional education provider and a private developer creates a quality contribution to place making in a developing metropolitan area that references its context within an education and health precinct by delivering a vibrant, quality amenity for students and residents that sits comfortably and engagingly within its campus setting.

The 25 level building comprises a tower of 264 apartments over 22 residential levels on top of 3900m2 of dedicated nurse training facilities within a 3 level podium. Separate cores and entrances maintain distinct identities at ground level. The integration of pockets of outdoor green spaces and vertical gardens permeates the facade and podium of the building.

The proposal promotes a positive image for the institution and aims to reflect its vision for a vibrant and engaging place to learn in innovative facilities. The podium facade is articulated to present a human scale to the street and careful internal programming creates a desirable, safe and visually pleasing place to live.

The design complies with Victoria’s Better Apartments Design Standards; including maximising north facing apartments, where possible and designing a building envelope with a depth to optimise access to natural light.


Spring St. Apartments


Box Hill VIC


Institutional & Private Client

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