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Working within heritage listed building fabrics, the Wales Street Primary School project involved heavy refurbishment works to complicated and rigid forms. These tight spaces were extensively interrogated and adjusted to enable flexible and collaborative learning environments. Adaptable furniture and displays for student work enable a malleable condition, the building able to be tailored for its many users.

Connectivity and student agency have been heightened through upgrades to site accessibility, new gates, covered walkways and accessibility ramps ensuring an equal experience of the site. These upgrades allow Wales Street Primary School to better implement their Inquiry Model of education and service more of the surrounding community.

The architectural language of the space is lively, energetic and playful, undulating feature ceilings and patterned carped contrasting the linearity of the existing building features. Students are engaged in more playful settings, STEM activities chances to embed joy within the built fabric. A green-screen media space and Lego wall allow for learning through action, fostering individual expression and technological passion from a young age. These additions encourage students to have perceptible physical agency over their learning environments.


Wales Street


Thornbury VIC



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