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A 50-bed residential aged care facility, Wilson Lodge has an aesthetic to suit the landscape and offers an exemplum par excellence of innovative ESD design.

A rigorous examination of the site’s climatic and geological conditions resulted in a building which is designed to harness geothermal energy for heating and cooling and utilises natural light, solar power, water conservation, thermal mass, insulation and natural ventilation to reduce the requirement for non-renewable resources.

This results in recurrent savings in energy costs and a fresh and comfortable environment for residents.

Wilson Lodge has received numerous awards including the Victorian and National “2005 AIRAH Excellence Award for Sustainability” from the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating and the 2005 Victorian Master Builders Association Excellence in Construction Award for “Best Sustainable Energy Building” in Commercial/Industrial Projects.

The project was also short-listed for the “2005 Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA) Design Award for Ecologically Sustainable Development”.


Wilson Lodge


Sale VIC


Department of Health, East Gippsland Health Service

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